Thursday, September 25, 2014

and we're back

it's fall.

i sort of dropped the blog ball, no?
since i was last here 
school has started for m
and for ruby

to be honest i am in a bit of a funk this week. i am finally back in my studio and so much is on my mind: the loss of a friend earlier this month, which is still very heavy on my heart, what i am up to professionally as an artist and illustrator and where to focus my energy, the roller coaster of emotions that is parenting (i am not kidding you, monrovia is pushing my buttons in so many ways. 6 1/2 is killing me!!!), some rough relational stuff that i can't shake, my (seemingly) lifelong battle with staying healthy and strong despite pretty strong genetic predispositions to being overweight (um, and not helpful that THREE females in the last month have asked if i am pregnant. really people? do i really look pregnant?!) and last but not least the looming fact that i am turning 40 in a few months.

i recognize that no one really reads blogs anymore, or writes on them much either, but headed back here today to start writing again. and now off to work out some of my angst in the form of studio time.

say hello if you've swung by?