i'm susannah.
i'm a painter, and on the side, a freelance illustrator.
most of the time i make greeting cards for papyrus,
but now that my kids are getting bigger i get more time in my studio too.

i love
playing with my girls
dance parties
loving my neighbor as myself
looking for beauty in the broken places
advocating for the deaf
following in the way of jesus
dinner parties
crepe paper streamers
snail mail
good talks over hot coffee
my mom's piano playing
my kids laugher
cochlear implants
flip flops
our backyard chickens
the smell of oil paint
celebrity trash
(oh and so much more)

this is my husband, matt:
he's pretty much my most favorite of all.

my other two most favorites?
our daughters
little m
who is now not so little!
+ ruby

i started this blog when little m was a few months old. 
we had found out soon after she was born that she was profoundly deaf, 
and i needed a space where i could write, process, and escape. 
along the way, i discovered support and friendship- from new friends and old. 

this blog is a mish-mash of all sorts of parts of me. 
thanks for reading, and always, always i love your comments, so say hello early + often!