our deaf journey

our daughter, little m, was born in april 2008.

she failed the newborn hearing screening multiple times, 
and soon after she was born she was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf. 
{signing daddy}

soon i'll link back in chronological order so you can follow our journey 
as we went from discovering that our baby was deaf,
to hearing aids, 

to cochlear implants, 

up until now!
our profoundly deaf daughter started mainstream kindergarten with minimal accommodations 
& now she is in second grade! she still has a teacher of the deaf, a speech therapist, an fm system, preferential seating and other ways to help her stay on track.
we couldn't be more proud.

it is not the path i would have chosen,
i never imagined how rich a journey we would be embarking on, 
how happy + vibrant our daughter would be,
and how many gifts would come with the challenge of deafness.

{and if you have just found out that your child has hearing loss, 
feel free to contact me with any questions.
i will start by saying,
your child will be ok.
no matter how you proceed or what communication options you choose?
he or she will be happy, and you will learn how to best parent & love on your kiddo. }