Thursday, January 31, 2013

sunshine breaking through the clouds

last week i visited a friend of mine who has been battling cancer for a few years now, 
with chemo, radiation, surgeries, sheer will. 
she is on a new round of chemotherapy
and hoping that it will be effective.

i've been thinking a lot since my birthday about how grateful i am for the life i have,
for a healthy body,
for two little ones + a husband who i love,
for the space to create and imagine,
for all of the people who make and shape my world into a good one,

for the gift of life.

thursday morning is one of the two days when both my girls are at school, 
so i work in my studio.
this morning instead of painting i spent time fleshing out what i wanted this year to look like personally and professionally.
lots of scribbles and notes and lists later...
i sort of laughed to myself at how sometimes we think we have control in these things 
(and yes, we can work and strive and dream and do), 
and so we plan as if we can control our destiny,
but so much in this life is out of our hands.

nonetheless, grateful for opportunities
imagination & possibility.
we have today~
what will it hold?


  1. we are in kindred space, my friend. i am thankful for you. and also, i miss you.

  2. I couldn't comment when I first read this -- had to digest for a couple of days. Hit too close to home. Too much cancer in my life right now. (No, not me -- friend and relatives.) I hope your friend gets a good outcome from her chemo. We hope, plan, and build, and when life pulls the rug out, we adjust.


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