Tuesday, April 7, 2015

love in the mail

empty mailboxes are no fun,
but let's face it!
once the holidays are over it's unusual to get much in the mail besides bills and junk mail.

april is national 
letter writing month! 
and one of my favorite letterpress companies, eggpress, together with another fave (and local stationary company) hello lucky! and one of my favorite pen companies, sakura of america, 
i got one last year, and sent out 30 letters in thirty days, and this april i'm doing it again! 
so far i've sent out 12 pieces of love in the mail. 

would you like some mail?
or want to swap letters: you send me a piece of mail and i'll send you one?
or do you want something fun in the mail for your kiddo?
or do you need a little something to brighten your mailbox?

let me know in the comments!
or shoot me an email with your info:

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