Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Snippets of fall

can't believe that it's almost Thanksgiving. This fall has raced by and somehow between my schedule and Instagram, I've once again allowed this blog to remain silent. Here are some moments capturing how this fall has sped by the last few weeks. 

Honestly it felt like summer until last week. It was still so hot here and it didn't feel at all like fall. Suddenly it rained hard all night long and most of the day, and almost as if someone turned on a switch it felt like fall. Blustery, a little chillier, windy, brisk air, cold enough at night for layers of blankets & the down comforters. Our house isn't insulated, so despite the fact that it isn't actually that cold out compared to many places, inside our house is freezing! 

A few glimpses....

Simple soup that I ate all last week! I call this handful soup because I throw in handfuls of whatever is in the cupboard or fridge.
I got an ear infection this weekend, so took some space for myself on the couch with some tea and trashy tv. (And yes we have a deaf child so I always watch subtitles… I just got into the habit even if she's not watching with me)
Went with my dear friends to Monrovia's deaf school gala. All I see in this picture (besides the two lovelies on the left,) are that my head looks gargantuan and I can see in my eyes and face the ear infection/head cold that I was battling hard! I love celebrating this school that was such a gift to our daughter and got her ready to mainstream. So grateful for the foundation of knowledge and support that has surrounded our family thanks to this incredible school.
Monrovia had her last soccer game! She scored a goal and had so much fun. I never would have predicted how much she'd love it. 
Fall colors! We don't get much out here, so don't laugh East Coasters.
Typical scene: my children taking over my bed!
Beautiful view of San Francisco from soccer practice
Time with family from both sides!
Morning traffic routine, exacerbated by the first rain. 
My girls setting up camp in my studio. Someday I'll forget that they take over and steal my best art supples, and I will reminisce about my small people hanging out with me while I made art.
Face timing with birthday cousin! File under: technology is incredible 
On the sidelines...
Birthday party action at perhaps Dante's unnamed tenth circle of hell: Chuck E. Cheese. (Or maybe it's just in one of my circles of hell.)
Kindergarten homework al fresco!
Post soccer
Matt has been surfing on Friday mornings- good for his soul, so therefore good for our family. 
We played hookie a couple of weeks ago and escaped to Stintson Beach!
Remembering those who have gone before us on All Saints Day
Monrovia has a straight up incredible teacher this year. I feel humbled that both of our girls have such good educators, and I would hope that all of our children would have the gift of teachers who are gifted, kind, and good at their jobs!
We've had countless amazing sunsets this Fall.
Rain?!? What? This drought is no joke. My kids' raincoats and boots totally don't fit  them, because of course it rains once a year here.
Molasses Lemon Curd Vanilla ice cream  Boom.
New bedroom color! I love it. Dramatic, brooding, cozy, dark...
Drop off routine, y'all. These kids are the cutest! I love our girls' school, in all of its strengths and weaknesses.
Tantrums. All the time everybody! 
Prepping canvases
Sketching & listening to podcasts.

So bring on the Fall. 

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