Friday, June 13, 2008

why i love top chef & project runway

ok, some may say this is trashy reality tv, but i am as addicted to bravo tv shows as matt is to his latest new yorker. i think it is primarily because it reminds me of being in art school. seriously, every time i get to the last ten snarky minutes where the judges are tearing things apart and the person who totally deserves to get sent home for their crappy recipe or hideous outfit somehow survives the chopping block for another week, i think to myself: that is SO an art critique. maybe it is my at-home-feeling to watch these poor souls scramble to get something good together for the judges table or the runway only to be torn to bits. or raved about like they're the latest art star. or maybe i just like trashy reality tv. 

least fav project runway people this season: 
suede (why talk about yourself in the third person unless you are updating your status on facebook?)
daniel. kenley. (cause they both think they are super amazing. and they're not)

faves: korto (how could i not love her? she's from monrovia, liberia. and her outfits kick ass.)
terri (so sad to see her go home)
blayne (ok, not really, but i think it's funny that he adds -licious onto everything. still not christian's fierce from last season, but cute.)

confusing: joe (how is he still in the running???)

all i know is....please let sjp's vision for an art reality show happen. please. it would be so amazing. or complete crap.

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