Friday, October 19, 2012

right now

**note: i started this at the beginning of the week and never posted it, so here it is, better late than never!

{also, for some reason the formatting is wonky on this post; it looks as if it ends halfway through because some links pop up mid-post, so bear with me! i couldn't fix it}

(on sunday matt and i stole away to the mendocino coast 
for a couple of nights to celebrate our tenth anniversary)

i haven't done a post like this in a while, so thought i'd start the week out with one! 

outside my window...the rugged beauty of the northern california coast. so much water + so much sky; such a dramatic and yet peaceful space to be in

i took these pictures from our balcony at the timber cove inn, where we are staying! for. reals. our room is epic, and the surroundings, crazy amazing.

i am thinking...that it never fails- i have time + space to blog and i draw a blank(!), that i am grateful to be married to my best friend, that i rarely have time just to sit and be still like i do today, that i am content

i am thankful daughters' laughter, a flexible job, for a mother-in-law that comes to watch our girls, the sunshine today, the actual nap i took this afternoon!

from the kitchen...this mama isn't cooking anything tonight! and soaking up the luxury of staying away from home

i am very favorite boots, skinny jeans (even if i'm not so skinny :)), my favorite super cozy red and white striped scarf, and a kelly green cardigan

i am creating...a marriage that is ever evolving and growing, but it is always a safe space for my heart. time in the midst of a busy schedule to enjoy my family, to paint, to work on ideas and hopes

i am keep this short so i can go join my husband and watch the sun set over the pacific ocean!

i am reading...the whole-brain child (good for my parenting), tattoos on the heart (good for my soul...i highly recommend it) and i am about to begin a hologram for the king (good for book club)

i am hoping...that as matt + i enter another year of marriage that we will discover new things about each other, and that we will love each other with kindness and patience

i am hearing...the waves outside of the inn, the clink of glasses at the bar, the flickering sound of the fireplace, the hum of conversation in the background

around the children are probably wreaking havoc and tiring out matt's mom! 

a few of my favorite things...a clean house, laundry folded and in their place (not sitting ready to be put away!), text messages that make me laugh outloud, when my mom stops by to say hi for two minutes on her way home, the sound of my girls calling, "mama!", the beauty of the 1 highway along the california coast, rasberries and yogurt, watching ruby sit on m's bed when she is at school looking through picture books + of course, our chickens

a few plans for the rest of the week (in no particular order)...naps, long talks with matt without being interrupted by my sweet little ones, time in the studio, a bit of deep cleaning, winetasting with my sweetie, reading the whole sunday paper

what are you doing right now? 


  1. First of all, Happy sound so content....and what a beautiful place to celebrate...we love wine tastings, too....I liked your favorite things list....I think your format is refreshing....
    Mama Bear

  2. love, love, love everything about this. so happy you guys got away together and love that you soaked up some peace and beauty and wine!

  3. so happy to hear you got the time away. i hope the contentment and safety you felt in your soul sustains you over the course of, what seems to be, a time of sitting alongside family/friends on the life-is-hard bench.


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