Tuesday, October 2, 2012

our girls

i'm slightly obsessed with our chickens.
want to meet them?
(if you need to catch up, you can peep old chicken posts here. yes, pun intentional)

here are swimsuit (on the left) + lemon tart (right)
according to m, lemon tart is the sneakiest chicken because she's hard to catch- 
she says she flaps and runs away the fastest! i tend to agree.
 (swimsuit again...thanks, vivian for the name suggestion! it stuck!)
 my personal favorite: sweet rose cake. 
she lays pale greenish silver eggs and she is such a sweet chicken. 
ruby loves to pick her up and she obliges my not-very-gentle daughter 
without pecking or fighting her.
she also gets picked on a little bit by the other hens,
so i feel a little protective of her.

 tulip, who along with her fellow rhode island red variety friend, 
can be a little pesky and likes to peck feet sometimes 
(and tomatoes and kale and anything in sight)
molasses cookies, formally known as jacob & renamed by m this week:

 here's lemon tart again!
three of her sisters (also buff orpington variety like her) went up to live at a coop at my mom's house, where they are finally starting to lay eggs for her too!
 she was kind of elusive so all i could catch was her head (above) 
and her bum stuck into the corn scavenging for snacks.
 come visit our girls anytime!
(not kidding. i.love.them.)


  1. oh i miss having chickens and fresh eggs.

  2. This makes me want to get chickens!!! What variety is Sweet Rose Cake? Those greenish-silver eggs are beautiful.

    1. leah- she is an amerecauna. they really are beautiful.


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