Wednesday, December 12, 2012

better late than never, right?

 for all of my advent calendar prep, i didn't get it up in the house until december 5th. was supposed to kind of channel the shape of a christmas tree, but my door constricted the shape so instead it channeled post-modern christmas tree instead.

i put each activity on a slip of paper inside the envelopes, stamped the date on the outside, and washi taped these little cuties up on the door to our kitchen nook:
we've been (mostly) doing an advent activity a day.

just a couple here...
like getting peppermint ice cream with a friend
(or vetoing mommy and getting bubblegum instead. totally seasonal, right?)
making artwork for people who we know who are sick or elderly or lonely
eating "snowflakes" & wearing crazy festive headbands
and just on my (unwritten & spontaneous because the day called for it) advent calendar, snapping up these cute & cozy slippers 
some weeks call for cuteness to get you through.
enough said.

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  1. dec 5 isn't quite advent BUT it is in line with the Dutchies - we celebrate Sinterklass Day (and in our house the boys have advent boxes that start Dec 5 until Christmas Eve where they receive little treats and such). So this gal says, "right on time."


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