Tuesday, December 11, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

we have a very romantic tradition of going to the home depot for our christmas tree.
hey, we live in a city.
the day after thanksgiving we went with matt's family to get his parents' tree & chop 
(or awkwardly saw with a janky handsaw, as the case may be) down their tree, 
so they got that authentic experience too.

 m really wanted to pose with this ornament...
on the hunt for a good one!
 m was pretending her festive headband was a camera, so she took pictures of ruby
 and one of me
 the workers were awesome and literally vanna white-ed our tree options, twirling them around and advocating for theirs against it other:
"this one is SO green!" 
"but this this one is so full and nicely shaped." 
it was pretty amazing.
 we brought our pretty tree home and let it acclimate for a couple days until we decorated it (aka there was no time to decorate it!)
slowly we got our act together,
and i discovered that m is totally a mini me when it comes to the tree.
she was so focused and opinionated on where each ornament should go;
she put up all the ornaments (of course she delegated the high up ones to me)
 hard at work
oh, and at least while they let us, we have all the kiddo ornaments on a special tree just at their height that they can rearrange to their hearts delight.


  1. No joke: Doing the ornamentation of a tree only goes well when you have time to do it up "right." Sounds like letting the tree acclimate was a good idea!

  2. love the Jewish star on the kiddo tree! Sam would be so excited!!


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