Monday, March 18, 2013

a dose of joy

this was FOUR years ago today!
i can hardly believe it's been so long.

and i have more to write about that,
but today i have been thinking about how much i have to be grateful for these days.
(points of joy as my mom calls them)
in no particular order, 
some points of joy:
my family
weather warm enough for bare feet and a tank top
watching my girls pretend play
homemade cream cheese frosting
our chickens pecking around our backyard
the feeling after i workout
sparkling water with lemon in it

celebrating m's hearing birthday!
reading the sunday paper
no laundry (this one never happens- but the dream of it is in itself a point of joy)
my studio
carrying a sleeping child to bed
backyard dance parties
spending a childless night with my dear and beautiful friends who totally get all of my deaf mom issues, because they have girls with hearing loss too
being a part of a wonderful preschool co-op
the sound of the door opening when matt gets home from work
the smell of oil paint
a clean closet
one of matt's cocktails & a night to sit and savor it
discovering projects like this:
these beauties
what are your points of joy today?
happy monday!

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