Friday, March 22, 2013

oh, so happy

last sunday we celebrated m's 4th hearing birthday with a big backyard dance party!

our hearts were so full-
70 (!) people eating, drinking, hanging and dancing in our backyard
marking the amazing miracle that our little girl has access to sound.

it's something we never take for granted, but because she is doing so well listening & talking it's easy for people to forget that she is still deaf.
so gathering to mark all the work, time and effort she has put into listening feels like a good reason for a party!
matt's grandma, our girls' great-grandma was one of the first ones on the dance floor!
98 years young, that one!

 happy st. patrick's day- we're having carne asada!
 no party is complete without one of matt's concoctions...
this year's cake was topped with a toy cochlear implant
and pink ombre inside, per m's request
 plus we had mexican "ear" cookies
 not everyone was into the dance party...

 m asked matt and i to talk about her implants before the cake.
i told everyone how hard she worked to listen every single day
how special her implants were
how proud we were of her
and how much we loved her.


 our disco ball:


at the end of the night, as everyone had gone home, i soaked up a final dance floor moment with my family, so grateful for this life we have. 
such an unexpected joy to be thankful for something i would probably take for granted otherwise: 
my daughter's hearing. 
so, so, so very thankful.
and for this larger community that makes up our little world- incredibly humbled and so amazed.
so much love in my heart, i'm surprised it hasn't burst wide open.


  1. oh my goodness, i don't even know. this brings such fullness and joy to my moment. so excited for the years to build upon each other...such wonderful support and celebration for such a wonderful m.

  2. We were thrilled to be there to celebrate little M! It's so amazing and it's a great reminder to stop and be thankful for the opportunities our little ones have!


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