Tuesday, July 16, 2013

in the midst of quiet, a word.

the past 48 hours i have been away from these lovelies, 
at a silent retreat in the santa cruz mountains.  no voices, no wifi, no radio.
(ahem, i did text. come on- baby steps!)

people, i don't think i've ever been quiet for so long.
and here is what i learned:

my life is really noisy. 
i don't like the silence, so i fill it (when it is rarely there) with music, podcasts, etc.
but quiet is good, and it forces one to be alone with one's thoughts.
as a mom of littles that doesn't happen as often as it should, 
but realized i also don't foster that time when it is a possibility - even for a moment or two.

and this is the profound word i came home with:

when worry like a cloud hangs over me,
let gratitude like a flood surround me.

i recognize that is easier to do when i have been in a place of quiet, prayer, being renewed and not attached to a screen or my to do's.
but shouldn't i attempt to seek that in the midst of busyness and children too?

so now it's time to head home and live it out.

when worry like a cloud hangs over me,
let gratitude like a flood surround me.


  1. I was hoping you had a wonderful time. I dig the profound word.

  2. I think I will copy off your word and keep it for myself too. Things are quieter around our house, but I often get away from gratefulness.
    Love you

  3. I am lucky enough to live in the SC mountains! And I love the peace :) too bad the ringing in my ears is there even when my kids aren't screeching (in joy or conflict). Gratitude for what we do have is a powerful thing! I try to remember that, too.

  4. How are you doing at living out those words today?



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