Friday, November 22, 2013

rain, wind, sesame street & girls

suddenly it feels like we are knee deep in fall!
(i know, i know, it's the end of november. 
but i live in oakland, people. we barely have seasons!)

this week it rained (and poured)
and the wind came and pounded our little house-
we lost power last night for hours and hours.
that work i had to do?
well, i just couldn't do it in the pitch darkness.
so off to bed i tumbled!
(and it was a good thing because i'm feeling that other very autumnal thing descending upon me- an achy, icky head cold!)

oh, and the girls' preschool was closed today because a power line was knocked down in the wind and landed on the school!

ruby and i logged the morning on the couch, snuggling, lounging, and watching sesame street on my computer.

it's funny how the unexpected- feeling under the weather or weather itself can derail your efficient plans and set you up for something that was perhaps even better- like going to bed on time, and then spending the morning cuddling with one of your favorite little people.

happy friday!
have you seen this?
my friend sent me a link to this a year or so ago when it was just in development and not available for sale.
it's awesome.
hooray for GIRLS!
(ps my girls watched this clip with me the other day and loved it)

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