Tuesday, November 26, 2013


roof over my head
a home full of laughter
marriage vows even on days when we aren't each others favorite person
the sound of kids playing
my favorite scarf
our down comforter
a washer and dryer
food in my kitchen
a tribe of people that know me at my best & worst
coffee when i wake up
reminders of God in the sunrise
cochlear implants
not having to race out of the house
old friends
ruby's snuggles
m's imagination
my husband's ideals
the feeling of a job well done
blasts from the past in the form of pictures from high school posted on facebook
funny text messages
sparkling water
annual traditions
(+ building completely new ones)
my studio
clean sheets
inside jokes
magazines in the mail
time to blog

to be continued...
(what are you thankful for today?)


  1. ummmm, I love the painting above!
    I'm grateful for...
    friends like you!
    my home
    little girl giggles
    medical technology
    days when everything goes smoothly
    my family
    plus lots more...


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