Thursday, March 27, 2014

happy thursday + a giveaway!

if you follow me on instagram, 
you might have seen my new boxed thank you cards are out!
would you like yourself your very own box?
leave me a little hello in the comments, 
along with what kind of card you wish you could buy,
and one randomly chosen commenter will get a hot off the presses box of my new cards!
giveaway open until next friday, april 4th!
happy commenting + good luck!
come on now, you silent readers, this is your chance to pipe up and win!
if you don't win, you can always buy a box.
susannah eloyse prinz cards are available at independent retailers nationwide, 
or wherever papyrus products are sold.


  1. Hi!! I would love to buy a card that you could give a mom/dad on their child's birthday - something that says, "Congrats on surviving another year of parenthood!" Because really that needs to be celebrated too!!

  2. Hi, I love sending random, funny "thinking of you" cards. Your thank you cards are lovely.

  3. I LOVE these cards, extra special that the envelopes have embellishments!
    Great job.
    PS--you know what I want to buy--the gold sympathy card

  4. Beautiful! I ought to write more, but the moment always seems to escape me. Love that the envelopes are not plain!

  5. Me Me! These are awesome. I would like to see a thinking of you card that makes the person I am thinking of laugh, without being crass or fakey. XOXO friend!

  6. I would love a card for anniversaries that isn't too sappy. Clever and meaningful, minus goopy sap. :). These thank yous are so so awesome!!!!

  7. I love them! I've been looking for cute "Thinking of you, friend" cards or cute teacher appreciation cards.

    Mike says.....a card that reads, "the house is a mess, the kids are crying, but I love you anyway...." ;)

  8. I am always a sucker for cards that are bright/beautiful on the outside and blank on the inside. Think Papyrus will let you design a box of blank beauties?

  9. i would love a card to celebrate each season-springtime, a time for new beginnings; fall- who doesn't love fall colors?; winter- time to cozy up; summer- love my sandals or something along those lines...

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  11. I would love to have a card that had the word "splendiferous" on it because sometimes that is the best way to describe something! :) Your cards are beautiful Susannah!

  12. you have the best blog ever. also i think you are beautiful, smart and funny. and i hope i win your rad cards!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards!!! I've been WAITING for them to come out since I first saw it before they were printed!!! An awesome thank you card that says it all!!!! LOVE IT! We need more awesome thank you cards like this!!! P.S. I wish I could buy more "thank you cards," always looking for cute ones! Or baby shower or anniversary cards too! YAY!!! So so happy these are in print now!!! :)

  14. Thank you cards and thinking of you cards are my favorite! I love snail mail and sending cards. I love these cards-can't wait to find some at the store...the hunt is on!


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