Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the big 5!

moments like this
brought to you by the daily miracle that happens in our house
aka cochlear implants!
(that would be singing and playing let it go- the song on endless repeat at our house. you know, the adele dazeem hit? please someone get my joke.)

5 years ago, on march 18th, 
m's cochlear implants were activated!
so no huge hearing birthday party this year,
but just as important,
a family dinner to celebrate how hard m works every day to hear and talk.

we stayed low key this year.
m got to pick the meal, and she went for (to my surprise) cucumber tomato salad, broccoli and pesto pasta and finishing with vanilla ice cream sundaes.
hooray! candles on roasted broccoli,
but ice cream sundaes for dessert!
five years of wonderful sounds-
so so so
thankful for the gift that our girl gets every day,
getting to be deaf and hearing at the same time.
life with a cherry on top!


  1. I LOVE this picture. Micah is so into this song because of Monrovia!

    And super yay for cochlear implants and how hard Monrovia works to hear!

    1. I love that my daughter can brainwash Micah into Frozen song love. And their performance was the cutest thing ever! Keith was awesome to teach them how to do the notes!

  2. I just love this post!!!! Happy birthday, M's ears!!!

  3. I got it. Adele Dazeem sure can belt it ;).

    Happy 5th Cochlear Day!


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