Monday, February 2, 2015

happy february!

for the love, january is over! usually i love january- since it's my birthday after all, and i adore my birthday. but this january was full of hard stuff: from the little, like the cold that just knocked me out cold (pardon the pun) to the flu that hit everyone in our family to the big, the passing of long-time wise and kind members of our church community. like i wrote last week, it wasn't the way i imagined going into my 40's, but hey, life is unpredictable!

and at least around here...february means that everything is beginning to blossom!
this weekend was beautiful, and i started it off by taking on a section of our elementary school that has been driving me crazy for the last two years! i worked with two other mamas, nancy and sarah, to rehab this sad and sorry little section near the kindergarten entrance. viola! after two hours of digging and watering and pulling and rearranging and replanting?
this sad patch looks much happier. it made me so thankful for teamwork, and for living in a warm, sunny place where at the end of january we can dig in the dirt with the temperature hitting the 70's. oh, and for feeling healthy again! hooray!  
bottom line? i'm happy it's a new month.
are you looking forward to february? have you started your kids' valentines?
i haven't!

oh, also?
today is the birthday of my dear friend karen,
who is one of the hottest mamas i know.
she's also a kind-hearted, generous, wise, funny, saucy, smartypants, witty, strong, loyal, thoughtful, incredible wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. happy to YOU, karen!
i don't know what i'm doing in this photo, but let's move along, shall we?

happy february!!!!

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