Friday, February 27, 2015

some awesome for your weekend

a little bit of this and a little bit of that for your friday...
  • here in oakland we have lots of sun (sorry east coast,) so i'm trying to make the most of it!

if you're local, our orange tree has about 3 billion oranges, so come on by and harvest some! 
also, our chickens are finally laying again so you might even get to take a few eggs home!

  • i have some new cards out, but they might be harder to spot than my usual suspects because they look different than my usual designs, so here's a few of them: 

these are available wherever marcel schurman products are sold!
(i think it's easiest to grab them off of website so you don't have to hunt, but they are available at retailers nationwide)

  • i realize i control so much of what my children eat for every meal, but not what they wear.  if you've seen my children, they have quite the mishmash of ensembles. always. lately ruby is into multiple shirts plus a dress and a skirt and leggings and mismatched socks and a few accessories for good measure.
exhibit a:
in light of that? this mom is rad for what she lets her kid do for a week. would you dare? 
i would be wearing 43 layers i think.

  • have you seen this website before? i love it and so do my girls. so many great videos on a huge range of topics: art, science, animals, etc... for them (and for grownups too!) it is way more manageable than looking for things on youtube or even on a site like pbskids. my girls loved this video, and i loved this one. (it actually made me tear up. who knew an astronaut could bring me to tears!)

  • this video is perfect for a friday morning. click on it. no, really. (you're welcome!)

have a good weekend!

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