Wednesday, August 19, 2015

a short course on hearing loss in the classroom

this summer little m (now not so little 7!) asked if she could make a video for her new teacher explaining being deaf, her cochlear implants, and how to best help her in the classroom. we made it yesterday, just in time for the new schoolyear to start.

she first brainstormed a list with me about all the things she wanted to say, and then had me record her talking through each point. (i left out the one where she said sometimes she likes being deaf because she can take off her magnets and ignore people!) it made me incredibly proud of her, since one of our iep goals has been for her to become more of an advocate for herself. she covered so many of the things i would have had her say, and she spoke clearly and confidently. i am so thankful for this girl, and for all the ways she is learning and growing.

here's the video if you'd like to get schooled by a seven year old!


  1. Oh. My. Word. That was THE BEST video I've seen in a long time, M is so sweet and poignant, so well-spoken for a seven year old. Makes me wish I were her teacher! Great video, great kid. I am sure this will go very far in helping her to advocate for herself. :)

  2. Go M go! What an awesome video! So articulate!


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