Wednesday, August 5, 2015

These are my favorite (a very short and incomplete list) things

To get back on the blogging wagon, and in no particular order, some of my favorite things this summer....
Summer evenings
Random astronaut sloth pictures airdropped onto my phone by a bestie
Time with dear friends 
Laughter with these twoSweet treats on the beach 
Watching movies late at night
Watching my girls discover new adventures 
Hunting for beach treasures 
These amazing pineapple daiquiris Matt has been making
Time to watch sunsets on the beach (no big deal, right? Thank you California for being incredible as usual)
Running while my girls bike alongside me
Swim lesson cuteness
Big girl snuggles
Almost kindergarten handwriting 
Crafty time 
Sugar explosion and hang time with Aunt Chrissy
Quiet evenings at home
Our new dining room light (photobombed by one of my paintings)

And now, as I'm about to tumble into bed, one of my favorite things? 
And once more just because...vacation!

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