Monday, July 11, 2016

the best moments

the best moments are the ones like this.

having a hard day today; feeling like i am treading emotional water or just at a standstill in some parts of my life- so i am thinking back to this walk last week with my ruby. little words - none of which i remember now- and constant rain, and the sweetness of being with my daughter.

do you file those moments away for the days you need them? i try to, because when i am in a rough patch (even if it is a very brief patch) i need glimmers of goodness to remind me of all the redemption and beauty and wholeness that exists in my life. i am in a bit of a downward spiral this morning, and i am letting interactions with people in my life have more power than i should.

days like this i need to
remember that i am a lover and prone to all the big feelings
hope in the promise of relational healing
make lists of points of joy
spend some time with people who know and love me

what do you do when you feel stuck or sad or overwhelmed?

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