Thursday, August 4, 2016

nothing like a coat of paint

we did a few projects this summer to freshen things up around our house, and i am realizing that we are turning our house into a box of crayons.
first up? the girls' room. it's been pale purple since we moved in and painted it monrovia's favorite color 6 years ago, so it was time to repaint in ruby's favorite color!
 bright & clean!

meanwhile, we needed to paint and finish our back doors- the stucco has been driving me crazy.

since we painted a few years ago the area we painted is now lighter and flatter, so we will probably have to paint our entire back wall, but for now it's sooooooo much better!
i wanted an acid chartreuse color on our doors, which is kind of crazy and totally not historically appropriate for our home, but i super loved how it turned out!

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