Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the best fight ever

for ages i've been inspired by, 
and wanting to attempt the holi color fight i'd initially spied over at 

i finally had the chance! 
matt & i had four high schoolers from our church come stay at our house a couple of weeks ago,
as sort of an alternative to summer camp. 
we had a pretty intense program that we came up with every day,
but we also made sure to include an element of play or creativity.
i was able to buy Holi colors at one of the Indian stores in berkeley.

the color fight was a surprise!
we brought the kids down to our backyard,
made them keep their eyes closed, gave each of them a pile of pigmented powder,
turned on some awesome indian dance music,
and let the games begin!

it was awesome,
and once m got over her initial hesitation, m fully embraced the game.

 (love love love this picture and the pigment she's shaking out of her ponytail)

super fun!
{i didn't get that color-fied because i was photographer/ruby holder}


  1. that looks so awesome and fun!

  2. Can you adopt me? Because that looks totally AWESOME! What a great day (you are a wonderful mom, by the way)!

  3. thanks, all. you are too kind. it was a really easy endeavor-i promise! :)

    it DID take ages to get the pigment out of my scalp!!!

  4. these pictures are so stunning. what fun!

  5. ok, I want to copy you & this jeremy person- this looks like a ton of fun & the pix are amazing!!!


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