Thursday, July 21, 2011


wow, i've really sucked at blogging this month.

today was m's last day of summer school for which i am
a. incredibly thankful- kind of over the drive and
b. sad to say goodbye to school friends who won't be coming back next year. it's quite bittersweet.

meanwhile, despite rain and fog and sometimes really hot days, summer rolls on.
we had an impromptu cousin-popsicle fest a couple weeks ago, and someone, and when i say someone i mean ruby, discovered popsicles.

her big sister likes 'em too, of course.


  1. at first i was thinking ruby eats popsicles very carefully and then i scrolled to the last picture. i am walking to the freezer now...

  2. ruby's eyes are deep pools of abyss. that's supposed to be a compliment. they're big and beautiful.

  3. Love the red knee in the last pic. :) They are both just gorgeous.

  4. Sweet and sticky: the way summer should be!

  5. sadie looks so out of it. i love how messy they all are, esp rubes


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