Thursday, July 7, 2011

girl time

sorry for the long absence.
this summer has been packed with sickness, house guests, and business,
so i've been neglecting the blog.
plus it has been more fun to play with my girls than sit at a computer.

there are moments with these two that are intoxicating-
i don't intend that dramatically.
i don't want to be anywhere else but sitting on the floor listening to them enjoy having a sister.
lately these two are hilarious with each other;
giggling, egging each other on, playing together, keeping each other awake at bedtime, 
mimicking each other.
in those moments i just soak up their laughter and joy-
it is almost magical, and to be honest, i need those moments to remind me that they exist when the screaming/not sharing/needy times happen.

i've been snapping lots of pictures, and i have loads to catch you up on, but for now, 
here are some glimpses of our girl time the last few weeks.
sweet ruby is finally getting some teeth in (about time, right!? she's 13 months!)
in the past 2 weeks she has gotten two bottom teeth, and 1 1/2 top teeth.

the girls have had lots of hang time with m out of school in june
and lots of art time
a rare moment of stillness
(a minute later m was squishing ruby in a bear hug)

no school=fun!
ruby's personality is coming out more and more, and even though they are so different, she is just as feisty as her big sister. 
(matt says that comes from me, but i contend my husband is full of feist himself)

ruby (on her own trajectory) is starting to crawl,
with lots of cheering and encouragement from her big sister

this week we went back to our regular schedule with m's summer school.
she loves it of course, and i love seeing my mommy friends at school.
but i've loved this time with both of my girls
(well, not so much when we were all violently sick, but the rest of the time)

i'll bask in this season of minimal arguing, lots of snuggling, most-of-the-time sharing, 
and two little ones who want to spend all day with me for as long as it lasts.
lots of work to do today,
so that's all for now!

happy july!


  1. Love the pictures! Both Neil and I love have a sibling, but doesn't look like it's going to happen for Ben, poor kid. I've breached forty, and I just can't imagine surviving the newborn stage a second time. But sister-sister time has always been a big part of my life. So glad your girls are enjoying each other so much.

  2. I absolutely love when you post new photos. These ones so remind me of being with Rain and Jair at that age.

  3. nicola, i think so often of how soon my girls will be the age of YOUR girls! all grown up!

    ps come visit.

  4. Ruby's face in the last picture made me laugh out loud.

    You have such fun girls, Sooz!


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