Wednesday, November 23, 2011


this is my daughter

swinging at her school-
the one that i was so afraid to send her to
two days a week
because it was a mainstream co-op
and i didn't know if she was ready.
but from day one 
she's fit right in
making friends
and doing just fine.

it makes my heart glad
and reminds me that a big part of my job as a mom is to 
get her ready 
to go out into the world


  1. Who wouldn't love that swing! So glad you all are at PP.

  2. Looks ready to me!
    Glad heart:)

  3. somehow i missed this post! love this joyful picture of your amazing girlie. i was just thinking about what you told me about her co-op's playground - and all the different configurations to challenge and intrigue the kids differently. It makes me happy to know she's in such a good place as she is joyfully stepping out into the world (with such an amazing mama in her corner).


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