Wednesday, November 2, 2011

killing me with cuteness

hey, look at that! it's another post!

on mondays m goes to her preschool co-op, and she dressed up in her halloween costume for the day. (last year? purple bumblebee- yes, her choice and invention. this year? in a wild departure from the past...wait for it, wait for it: purple butterfly! she also chose green butterfly for ruby.)

 and spunk:

 how grown up does my little girl look?
(while m's deaf school is an hour away, her co-op is 1/2 a mile away, 
so matt walks her there in the morning. i love it.)

at the end of the morning they had a party, with trick or treating inside the preschool.

 i had reservations about m being at two schools, but i love how at a co-op all of the parent/teachers are invested in my child and have conversations with her throughout the day.

(so many cute little costumes, right?)
 ruby totally wants to be one of the big kids- she blends right in!

 yay for treats!
 my butterflies hung out together and m shared her bounty of three candies with ruby.
(ruby didn't complain)

later in the evening we went to a little party at a friends', and the girls got ready for round 2!

 (by the way, ruby's harry potter scar on her forehead came from a brief yet painful encounter with the edge of a steel barrier that she tripped and fell into. ouch!)
how sweet is my snugglebug?
 m and her friend micah exchanged hugs & discussed their future prom date.
 apparently he is going to be prom king.
a fun day & a full day.

happy halloween!
(plus a couple days)


  1. yay for blogging again! love your little butterflies and king micah. so cute - all of them!

  2. super cute!

    Ruby's scar (yowsers) could turn into butterfly antennaes. how do you spell that, wow

  3. precious! I love that I got to see not only your cuties but Micah too!

  4. that picture taken behind Ruby and m sitting next to each other, is absolutely precious! I LOVE it! I wish we had a co-op preschool in the area, I love the concept of it.

  5. Adorable!!! She is just so sweet, and the picture of the two little butterflies together is so sweet. I love M's face painting - did you do that? Beautiful!

  6. love the sisterly love. love the artistic face painting. and love that i know you mention prom date planning just so i will pop up to remind you (and m) that there is another suitor in the wings. who happens to be a m take your pick, a king or a fireman.


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