Tuesday, November 22, 2011

just what i needed to hear

last week i took the girls to the library by our house to replenish our book stock, and to return some (slightly) overdue books. 

i picked up this book without really looking at it, 
and lugged it home along with a massive stack of other books.
last week was a long one; matt was out of town for a few days at a work related conference, i had a big papyrus deadline, and i was getting ready for the apple pie party we were having at our house (more on that in another post.)

it was one of those weeks when my girls are constantly tugging on my leg(ruby) 
or saying, "mama, come play with me!" (monrovia) 
and in return they hear
"in a second"
"mommy just needs to finish this and this and then we can play"
"mommy has so much to do; how about after rest time?"
"in five minutes"
"uh, huh, sweetie, i'm listening; i'm just sending one email/putting away the dishes/folding the clothes/fill in the blank"

that night i picked up this book, you and me, little bear by martin waddell, out of the pile to read monrovia before she went to sleep,
and it was exactly what this rushing, busy, multitasking mama needed to be reminded of.

have you seen this book? or the others in the series? i hadn't until last week.
it's worth a read:

 (ahem, big bear sounds kind of familiar)
 (busy, busy big bear getting a whole lot done! 
little bear just wants to spend some time with big bear)

i'll leave the rest of the story for you to discover on your own,
but suffice it to say
it was a reminder that regardless of how long my to do list is, how much of a mess my house is, how many errands i have to run, or how tight that deadline is,
sometimes it is most important to drop everything and just spend time playing with my little ones.

pretty soon 
the to do's will still be there 
continuing to invade my day,
but there will be no little ones begging for my time or attention.
(besides, multitasking is overrated.)


  1. Oooh, I love that book. Bear tricks with bear sticks, so cute! I also love the illustrations.... the look on the bears' faces while playing hide and seek... excellent. Great book, glad you're enjoying it. :-)

  2. can't wait to get this one at the library. yay for piles of books! yay for perfect little reminders that mommies need to hear! hoping thanksgiving is a perfect time for a little single tasking! enjoy. xo

  3. okay i need to read this book even though my kids won't want too...but they still need my attention ALL the time.

    hey, we are thinking of agbell 2012 in AZ next summer...any thoughts?

  4. Great book- I haven't seen it before. I feel like I tell Sadie to wait for mama quite often too...


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