Sunday, August 12, 2012

hooked up

our vacation plans for this week switched up a little,
so my ever thoughtful husband proposed a plan:
he would take the girls from sunday afternoon 
until wednesday morning,
and i could spend the time
making/thinking about/looking at art,
working out,
and having some solo time.

our very generous friends let matt & the girls 
stay at their family vacation home for a couple of days,
and i am at the homestead,
working in my studio,
and spending time doing lifegiving things!

so i have a couple of days away from these lovelies:
grateful for these three
and grateful for this time to think & make things

(maybe i'll finally catch up on all my blogging!)


  1. Wow what would I give for a treat like that. Enjoy the silence you lucky girl!

  2. Enjoy! That sounds glorious!


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