Wednesday, August 15, 2012

another post that is child-free

more of our road trip here and here

while matt was sick in bed i had lots of wander around the town time,
so i'd spotted this restaurant out on one of my walks,
so for breakfast we tried this super cute, homey and yummy spot.
 (the owner is originally from the east bay- shocking, since it looks like it could be in oakland)
 matt was taking it easy for his still wonky belly, 
but i enjoyed my delicious breakfast
 we bid adieu to mcminnville, and headed through the willamette valley
which is beautiful and chock full of wineries
 we took in the scenery
 tasted some wine
 and hung out

 back on the road!
this time to portland!
 we stayed at the super hip ace hotel


 after hoping some of the cool might rub off on us,
we walked a few blocks over to the massive book metropolis powell's books
 if it was still the mid-80's a young susannah would've been camped out in this aisle 
with her pals nancy drew & the hardy boys
fueled with knowledge, 
we stopped in the ace's bar/restaurant clyde commons
(can you spot our reflection?)
 channeling our best cool kid mugs
 we walked a couple of miles through downtown, over the river 
to the neighborhood 
to dinner at le pigeon
 long wait even with a reservation,
but hey- we had no children with us, and no babysitter to rush home to,
so who cares!
 after a delicious and leisurely meal 
we made the walk home to hipster heaven
 we rocked the ace's continental breakfast,
which was kind of my favorite thing,
and also quite beautiful
(so bear with my photos)
 i loved the spread- totally inspired me to host a brunch at our house rocking the same vibe

 after breakfast we drove about half hour outside of portland to this teeny little town where we rented bikes and hit this awesome trail
 sporty spice

 the trail was beautiful, 
and we even got to ride over old railroad trestles and bridges!

 20 miles of biking this awesomeness &
i was good
(and my bum was so freaking sore considering i never ride a bike)
{i loved this part of the bike trail}
 we followed signs to this little country road, 
where a christian school was holding a massive rummage sale fundraiser.
it was fantastic
(especially since i had had visions of finding some random household items at a spot like this), 
and about an hour later we loaded down our car with all of our treasures!
 roadside stand berries
(so, so, so good)
 and a late lunch at one of portland's food trucks
before meeting some very dear friends for dinner!
sharing a meal with bay area friends, but in portland!
so perfect and fun.
 (my friend court is phenomenal, 
and as a sidenote one of my goals in life is to get her to comment on my blog. 
she is a very faithful reader, but silent. 
even though it will never happen, i still hold out hope! 
comments are fun, people! do you read and then move along? 
join the conversation and say hello in the comments section!)
 matt and chetan, court's husband, get their deep conversation on

after a long day i passed love to my sweet monkeys back at home


  1. Replies
    1. i can't complain- we do live in a pretty incredible place for food. plus somehow matt evolved into quite the cook & i inherited baking and improvising culinary genes from my mom, so we eat well. if only my metabolism mirrored my husband's. sigh.

  2. i love this post. 1. i love the photo of you on the tire swing. 2. i am totally available for brunch at your house with vintage jam jars (sans kids is my preference), 3. courtney don't you dare comment on this post. 4. the 'i love you sign' photo makes me tear every time. 5. comments are the best part of a blog! the reward for all your work! long live comments!

    1. i love that you comment. yes to brunch, especially without kids. courtney- DO IT. exactly- everyone should comment- it's so fun!

  3. Yesterday our little family went to Portland for an impromptu fun day...and we went to the new to us, amazing, no words do it justice Salt and Straw. Ice cream. And possibly the best thing I have ever eaten. And my heart is so sad that I didn't know about it in time to tell you that you NEED to go. Actually, you should probably just toss your fan in the car and start driving now. You can come visit us when you are done.

  4. Looks like the trip was totes fabulous - and that this week is as well and very productive :)

  5. I meant toss your fam(ily) in the car. You won't need to bring a fan. We have air conditioning.

  6. i love that you & matt had a cool roadtrip. let's catch up soon and swap kid free stories and kid full stories. miss you. next wed????


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