Sunday, August 26, 2012

happy end of the summer!

we are savoring the end of summer around here,
as vacation ends and the busyness (yes, in the summer) eases up.
our house has been full this summer, with lots of out of town friends and visitors.
we've loved seeing so many our special people who live way too many miles away, but there's also a sense that it is time to change gears and get ready for the fall.

my girls (yes, ruby too!) start school next tuesday,
but lots of kids around us have started school already, or begin tomorrow.
it's a reminder to me that in only a year our life 
will be much more shaped by the schedule of monday-friday, 8-3. 
i'm not quite ready for that, 
so for now i will enjoy the end of this sweet season,
and the slow beginning of another year of preschool.

any fun ideas for finishing the summer strong?
any back to school traditions in your house?


  1. Cuteness!!! I am ready for routine too. My three start in nine days. Not that I am counting or anything.

  2. They're getting so big!!! I've been shaping my life around the academic year since I was 5, so it's just the way we roll. I think the ultimate back-to-school tradition is shopping for school supplies (I'm still a stationery nut -- nothing floats my boat like narrow-ruled loose leaf paper and an unbesmirched eraser).

  3. So my best advice is make sure you pack fun lunches for your kids - or you'll live to regret it every year summer is over and school starts again ;-)

    The end of summer has always been my sad day - when I had to let go of the precious hours of summer with my kids - and now my grown kids and grandkids :-(

  4. So Sexy in those hot panties, so want to strip them off throw them on the bed and eat those little treats then turn them both over and bang those Assholes so hard they neither one can sit or walk straight for a week


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