Thursday, September 27, 2012

thank you plus some karaoke

dear mumford and sons,

thank you for releasing your new album on the week when i had to log 5,789,574,259 hours in my studio.

thank you brother for giving me the album! husband ordered it, but hey- it isn't here yet and anyway he hoards his music in his car and at his office so i find out months later that he has an album. (yes, we still buy cd's. old school, people! and yes, matt i am talking to YOU.)

it's good for my soul, y'all. (remember what i was saying this morning about anthem rock? give me a song to sing along to with all my heart & i'm there.)

also? friday night my friend is celebrating his 40th birthday early with a 39.75 birthday party with karaoke with a LIVE band! how fun! besties from last weekend's getaway? why yes, we will be singing. so will my sisterbear and i. fun times- i am so excited to hear everyone's songs! plus husband is the mixologist for the evening, so i know the drinks will be good. if only i could get rid of this  cold that makes me sound like a man or a muppet when i talk, much less when i sing along to the hits.

happy friday!
what karaoke song would YOU pick?

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