Wednesday, August 21, 2013

on the shallow side

guilty: i watch all of these shows. does it make it better that it's when i'm working on freelance? probably not. do I get extra credit for watching it all online since we don't have a tv? doubt it.

so, what mindless entertainment are you excited about? on this list or otherwise? (ahem, i love me some parenthood.)

i'm a complicated woman, my friends- social justice, mom talk, celebrity trash, deaf advocacy, good food, deep relationships and tv all mixed up together into one mush pot.


  1. I prefer the cable TV shows with a bit more depth (Homeland, The Americans, House of Cards, etc).

  2. i am down with your mush pot.

  3. I just received a note from People magazine thanking me for being a subscriber for 10 years! Not ashamed at all!!

    As for TV, I like Parenthood, Modern Family, Switched at Birth


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