Tuesday, August 20, 2013


i want to freeze the very best moments in time so that i fully internalize them and don't forget all the beauty and the goodness and the laughter. as i write this my girls are smashed together on our couch, making up stories from scratch, as they go, for each other. i'm sitting at the table drinking coffee, and the morning couldn't be more perfect.

(no need to watch all six minutes of my girl's multiple stories, but just a snippet gives you a peek)

as a sidenote? just can't believe sometimes how amazing cochlear implants are.


  1. Your daughter tells stories like my daughter. I think they would like each other :). Also, ihopemy little guy has the ease of language she has. CI 's are amazing!

  2. just was talking abou m and implants with someone the other day. #amazing #miracle


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