Monday, October 6, 2014

it's monday, monday

first up! today i was the guest blogger for my friend brett's blog. he is doing a series on living with disability, and so i wrote about having a deaf daughter. i'd love for you to read it! you can find it here!  
if that leaves you wanting even more, you can check out this post written about monrovia and our journey last month on deaf and hard of hearing's blog.

meanwhile, it's monday! i have a big deadline today, so i'll keep this short and sweet since you've obviously already either gone over or are about to read my other blog post...(insert winky emoticon here) i am trying to get back into the regular-blogging swing, even though slow and not-so-steady has been my pace the last few months.

last night had dinner to celebrate the life of a dear friend of mine who i've known since i was still in those years before i could legally vote or drink or rent a car. yep, it's been a long time! here is to friends with history, and to growing older and wiser, even though right about now all i can see in that picture is my patch of grays. (just kidding- i do see that, but i also see the beauty of over half a lifetime of friendship.) grateful for her friendship, and for the many seasons of life we've gone through together. the magical ones, the downright terrible ones, and the in-between ones too. i do not take the gift of friendship lightly, and i treasure the friends who have shaped my world for the better. happy birthday, amy! much, much love to you today and always. 
next up? knocking out some freelance.

here's to a beautiful monday. let me know what you think of the guest post i did, and feel free to follow up with any questions in the comments below.


  1. I loved your guest blog post. When I read your words and remember back to when we met, it's so easy for me to see why I felt so excited/relieved/grateful to meet you and M that day at Play and Say. You were one of the first moms I met who experienced life and a different/unexpected motherhood path openly and with her whole heart (not just spouting off medical information and doctor appointments and surgeries - there's nothing wrong with that I just didn't relate!). I continue to be so grateful I know you, wonderful you.

    1. So grateful for that day- and so many wonderful moments since!!! Miss you friend.

  2. PS Commenting on your blog makes me miss 2008 something fierce. Right?!!!

    1. Totally! I am declaring this year the year of the blog. Again. :)


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