Sunday, January 11, 2015

i'm shallow, too, everyone. so what.

yes i care about justice and high culture and good books and reading the ny times and east oakland and blah blah blah all that smartypants stuff. really, i do.

but if you know me well, you also know i like celebrity trash and low culture. high, low..., my friends. there is a time and place for everything. i watch tv shows online when i am working on freelance deadlines at night, so i am all about mindless things that i can watch without paying too much attention but that will keep me awake.

so in no particular order, tv that i like right now:

not really mindless ones:

1. parenthood- only four episodes left! ah, i wish this show wasn't going off the air, but they have a huge and $$$$ cast, so i get why its time is coming to an end. as the oldest of four siblings this show rings so true from sibling dynamics to real life highs and lows. i love you parenthood; i wish you would grow old with me. (also i am team joelia all the way)

2. the good wife- i only started watching this in the last year when i had a really big deadline and i was up at all hours for weeks and weeks on end. ahhhhh so good! kind of addictive and i have a girl crush on alicia florick. she's so beautiful and classy and kick ass. my least favorite aspect of this show is her relationship with peter, her still husband even though it's all for show.

totally mental candy but better than watching the real housewives anything:

3. selfie-dumb title, got cancelled, but sweet show based on my fair lady. you can still watch this on hulu. i still don't understand how reality shows about moonshining and pawn shows are on, but this gets cancelled within 7 episodes, but then again...we also let donald trump have a tv show on network tv for how many seasons now?

4. the mindy show- i love mindy kaling and she is brillant, funny, and also all about low culture. this show is the funnier the more you watch it, but it also has lots of truly sweet relational moments. i love morgan, the ex-con turned nurse. he is one of the best parts of this show.

5. jane the virgin- i love this new telenovela with incredibly adorable gina rodriguez starring in the main role. addictive, funny, quirky.

my sole reality tv exceptions and i can justify these because they help the creative process:
top chef and project runway 

the please don't judge my character based on my tv viewing habits category:
the new girl (schmidt makes this show worthwhile, and this season is a billion times better than last season), scandal, hart of dixie, grey's anatomy, nashville

so just a reminder: really, truly, i only watch tv when i'm working on a project. so i don't spend endless hours vegged out on the couch consuming these shows.

the one exception? mad men. matt and i have slowly been watching all of the seasons. this one goes into the watch-it-without-multi-tasking genre.

now that i've listed basically 85% of the shows on tv, are there any left i missed that you watch that i should add to my list?

um, also, topic for a future post but OF COURSE i listen to the serial podcast. anyone? anyone?

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  1. LOVED the Serial podcast. Came onto the scene later and binge listened to episodes. Actually asked my husband to let me clean the house so I could listen uninterrupted.


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