Wednesday, March 4, 2015

moms rock

I am so grateful that I can work from my studio attached to my home, and have a great deal of flexibility regarding when I work. I'm luckier than many of my friends who have far more rigid schedules. Every week I attempt to knock out really good work and to be a good (or sometimes just as good as i can be) mom, wife, and friend. It's no joke.

Yes, it means I'm often working on a work deadline until midnight (like last night and every weeknight this week) but there are benefits: I also get to get my kids ready in the morning, volunteer at their schools, and pick them up after school is over. I rarely have to get them childcare during the day. My kids can come work alongside me in my studio. (Ok, to be honest- this sounds MUCH better in theory than it works out in actuality.) Sometimes I surprise even myself at how much I'm able to get done as a parent and employee at the same time. And for my friends who have jobs that are more structured than mine? I have no idea how you do it. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE.

It's always crazy to me when working moms aren't given flexibility and are seen as slacking off or less committed; the moms I know juggle so many things while working (paid and otherwise) and accomplishing phenomenal amounts every day. This is a great article on the value of giving moms flexibility and on how hard mamas are actually working!

"There’s a saying that “if you want something done then ask a busy person to do it.” That’s exactly why I like working with mothers now. Moms tell me when a project can be done and they give me very advanced notice when they have to take time off work. If they work from home, it doesn’t matter if a kid gets sick...but they can still be productive because they can work from home while keeping an eye on their child...Moms work hard to meet deadlines because they have a powerful motivation – they want to be sure they can make dinner, pick a child up from school, and yes, get to the gym for themselves."

Here's to you mamas out there who work incredibly hard, juggle things constantly, and still somehow manage to hold themselves together. You're rock stars, each and every one of you. Oh, me too. I'm a rock star too.

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