Friday, March 13, 2015

taking names

husband was back east this week, helping his sister robyn our with her new baby and toddler. he was able to juggle work from a distance and uncle/brother duties while i was on the homefront juggling work and mama duties.
in the cons category: daylight savings (%&*$#), minimum days for m's school, solo parenting and a lot of deadlines for my freelance work.

in the pros category: mama daughter time, and matt getting to meet our new nephew while hanging out

it's friday and i am beyond exhausted, but this will be short and sweet because i have to sneak a run in while i can!

this week in a nutshell
(although i spared you the tantrum pictures, of which there were many. goodness these girls don't know the meaning of the words, "i really need you to cooperate."
ruby and myles playdate. fast forward ten years and this is their homecoming picture.
moms are creative so did a little childcare swapping to get more work done. i mean a WEEK of minimum days? 
i hooked my girls up with special adventures and treats and somehow they have amnesia and forget five minutes later and launch into, "what fun thing are we doing next?" add that to the below rant post.

ruby making backyard tea
(that girl plays so hard she's one shoe on, one shoe off)
homemade chicken soup (thanks, jo)
did a little front porch chalking with ruby

did i mention deadlines?
 my studio is a disaster zone, but i kept two children alive AND busted my butt working
 ruby fashion
 after school homework sesh at a cafe
 monrovia's friend lily had an audiology appointment in oakland so we got to meet up with her family for dinner at fentons! it was so much fun to see the girls together. monrovia brought her the graphic novel/memoir el deafo, and the two of them giggled over it and compared deaf stories. the cutest. 
these sweeties have known each other since they were itty bitties- and ruby and johnny since they were born!

we snuck in some facetime with daddy

and finally our chickens are laying eggs again! some of this week's bounty

honestly, this week was loooooooong and had some hard hours for sure. i'm tired, ready for matt to be home. ready to sleep. ready to co-parent again. but also grateful he could go, and thankful i survived the week. 

oh, and in terms of taking names?
yes, that was me.
too little sleep (way too little) but rocked a whole lot of everything. and my house is even mostly clean!

hallelujah it's friday!

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