Wednesday, March 11, 2015

rant break

taking a pause to rant for a moment.

consider the following:

  • daylight savings. yes, i love the evening light lasts longer blah blah blah, but i don't love this wreaking havoc on my night and morning thanks to kids who refuse to go to bed at night and refuse to wake up in the morning. my valiant attempts at guilt trips and bribery do nothing in the face of their internal body clocks which are set at, oh i don't know- THE OLD HOURS of the day. killing me.
  • this plague of 2015. is everyone you know currently sick, was sick, or getting sick?  killing me.
  • extra rant on that note: males with the plague of 2015. extra killing me and the significant other in their life.
  • eye rolling. oh i did my fair share of it to my own mother, but i swear i was in the double digits before i tried that sass out. my darlings? both on the eye roll action. to me. they are 4 and 6 you guys. killing me.
  • the ongoing fundraising at my children's school. hey friends and family, want to give me some money for their fill in the blank? oh, you just gave me money last week for a different fill in the blank at their school? yeah, i know. sorry about that. it's because we don't give our schools enough money to cover the basic necessities so i get to use some of my aforementioned but slightly different guilt trips and bribery to persuade the good people in my life to bankroll my children's education. insert cringing face here. killing me.
  • running. ouch. it's hard. i'm doing it everyone! i am doing the damn thing. my race is in 11 days! i know they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but...killing me. 
  • selfish parents at school drop off and pick up. yeah, we'd all love to double park and simplify our life with pulling right up to the front of the school. how convenient! except that would be a total traffic disaster, which is why in practically every week's school newsletter, back to school night and school assembly the principal talks about how you're not allowed to do that. and yet, every morning and every afternoon a few parents decide that they are above the law and get to skip the parking battle or the designated drop off zone and go straight to the entrance. and then those same parents who are backing up traffic and swerving to miss small children get mad if you, oh i don't know, roll your eyes at them. killing me. 
  • the bachelor. i've never watched this show before but watched a few episodes this season and all i can say is WHAT?!? is it 1913? maybe it's because i have daughters and the idea of one of them getting gussied up to prance across national tv, while pitting her against her own gender to gain some guy's affections, turning her into some human barbie doll that does different challenges to see how well she performs in different scenarios all while the guy evaluates her crushes my very soul. how on earth would i explain this stuff to my daughters? this does not mean that i didn't watch some of it. sadly, i did. BUT super killing me.

and that my friends, is it for now. but i'm sure you have some to offer, because ranting is fun. i'll be back to my kinder, gentler self next post.

ready, set, go in the comments and brighten my day!

p.s. i will add that as i was ranting away, one of my oldest, dearest friends showed up at my doorstep as a surprise! kind of hard to complain after that. happy wednesday!


  1. I found it...sneaky ;)

    p.s. Amen to the rant on Daylight Savings and the awfulness that comes with it! What I did not see was a mention of the fact that you are SOLO this week and that your kids have Minimum Days all week. I am pretty sure that would've been first my list ;) Good job, mama!

    1. Ha! it should've been! let me tell you- hooray for friday!


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