Thursday, June 16, 2016

summer workin'

happy summer!

i am still in lovely (although super cold and windy) tahoe,
and enjoying a respite from the daily grind at home.
(how incredible is this view?)
 i'm also hustling to knock some new illustrations and sketches out for a monday morning deadline.
thankful for matt and the way he takes over parenting/meals/play and planning so that i can work (even on vacation!)

i think it's kind of funny that without fail, every single summer, within a day of leaving my house on vacation? a freelance deadline comes up. instead of lounging by the lake i am lounging by my laptop in the main lodge, trying to get enough of a wifi connection to email my new design ideas. it's inevitable, but as a freelancer i don't really have a choice. if i want more work i have to say yes. 

somehow the pressure makes me more productive, and i've scrambled the last couple of days to come up with a bunch of ideas, "scanned" them by taking pictures of them with my phone, tried to tidy them up and correct correct as much as i could on my phone and just finished emailing them off. the fact that it is pretty chilly out and that we haven't been able to get in the water or stay for very long at the beach has made working this week a little easier.

i try to only spend part of the day working, or work when matt and the girls are resting or reading so that we still get a healthy dose of family time.

now? back to my family and the windy beach and no more staring at a screen!
hope your day - whether you're working or playing - is a good one!

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