Monday, June 6, 2016

today's awesome mom award

...doesn't go to me.

at 1:54 i got a text message from monrovia's teacher saying "your girls are out on the yard". it seemed kind of cryptic and i thought, maybe they are both having an extra recess and she thinks they're being cute together or something? about two minutes later i realized "oh my goodness it was a minimum day today and my kids of already been out of school for 40 minutes!" 

happy last week of school! i rolled in just shy of an hour late, to my children who were now waiting for me in the office. 

oops. yes, I knew it was a minimum day and then somehow as i worked in my studio i completely blanked. 

luckily my kids didn't seem to care because they got extra time to play. as you can tell they didn't hold my slacking against me. 

1 comment:

  1. My awesome Mom moment of the week (so far): trying to convince my first grader to stay home from school because I am tired.


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