Saturday, June 11, 2016


and just like that?
it's summer!
end of school? and we headed away for a week of vacation right away.
i feel so lucky to be writing this with an incredible view of lake tahoe.
it is a huge gift to have a week away from work and life (although i will be working a little bit from here), in a peaceful place with a price tag we can handle. 

outside right now it just started pouring rain (and thundering too!) 

even though we are currently stuck inside our studio cabin, we are all as happy as we can be. 
you can expect the following routine from our vacation week:
  • family games: chess with daddy (i opt out of games where you have to actually strategize), uno, checkers, connect four, dominoes, suspend
  • daily workouts for me
  • early morning paddleboarding for matt on lake tahoe while the rest of us sleep
  • lots of reading 
  • family walks
  • many hours sitting on our deck, lounging on the beach here, getting dragged into the ice cold water by our children who are apparently able to withstand the freezing temperatures (i did the same thing as a kid vacationing in maine)
  • blogging 
  • dining al fresco
  • rest time every day (for me that means thinking i will blog or read but i end up managing the girls while they read/work in their summer bridge books/try to be quiet, meanwhile matt attempts mediocre naps but we are in a studio cabin so there isn't anywhere for him to escape)
  • matt's cocktails! (since i am trying not to completely sabotage my clean eating and workout routine i am-sadly-rationing these very carefully)
very exciting, i know. pretty much the same every single day! but after a jam packed school year that has been racing from one thing to the next (and most of them wonderful commitments), the very mellow and unproductive time that is our week here is just what we collectively need. 

lots i'm thinking about and lots to blog about, so hopefully i'll be blogging all the week long! 
wishing you a restful weekend whether you are in vacation mode like we are, or in the grind of daily life.

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