Monday, August 29, 2016

monrovia's tips for teaching a student with hearing loss

last summer, monrovia had the idea to make a video for her new teacher explaining in her own words what would most help her succeed in the classroom when it came to hearing loss. she planned out everything she wanted to say, and we sent it to her new teacher before school started. (you can watch that video here)

this summer we agreed it would be good to do it again, so she came up with all of her ideas about what she wanted to say in the video and we made a second one for her new third grade teacher. of course she is 8 years old, so the way she explains things isn't necessarily the way i would, but it's her project, her words, and her hearing loss, so i tried to get out of the way and not micromanage! (she also has a deaf teacher who goes in to train her teachers and troubleshoot weekly, and i make a binder for her teacher with hearing loss strategies and resources, so these three minutes in the words of an 8 year old are only an intro to her hearing loss!)

it's pretty interesting to hear what she wants her teachers to understand. (of course it makes sense, but i never knew it was easier for her if she stood in the front of the line!) we sent this to the principal the week before school started, and he sent it to any staff working with monrovia. grateful to be at a full inclusion school, and for our daughter to be in an environment where she feels confident enough to share this video with her teachers!


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  3. I just love seeing this. My son is now 14 with his cochlear implants and teaching our children to manage their needs is wonderful.


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