Thursday, September 18, 2008

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We Are California History
Sept 17 - Sept 27, 2008
Reception: Sept. 27th 5-8pm
Participating artists:
Timothy Buckwalter, Jessica Cadkin, Paola Coda, Alika Cooper, Kamil Dawson, Narangkar Glover, Daniel Healey, Robbin Henderson, Hannah Henry, Amy Hibbs, Jeanty, Therese Lahaie, Scott MacLeod, Jill McLennan, E. Minnow, Colleen Mulvey, Claire Nereim, Russ Osterweil, Nathanial Parsons, Susannah Prinz, Jasmine Shahbandi, Julia Shirar, Andrew Ütt, Susan Vander Mellen, Patricia Wakida, Jeanty, Janet Silk Gabrielle Thormann.

We Are California History is a unique juried show created by Jo Ford for the Oakland Art Gallery. Jo invited artists to submit pieces that either recreated or summed up their first "California History Moment". A moment that could have been based upon personal memory as much as "historical fact".

California has often been invoked as the furthest frontier and the seedbed for the future of the country. This exhibition was an opportunity for California artists, both recently arrived and "native", to explore the relationship between their own recollections and experiences and public conceptions of the state's history.
The closing reception at the gallery on September 27th 5-8pm will include an exciting artwalk. No art will be bought or sold, however, art can be won during the artwalk activities!

This fun event is also a mini-fundraiser for the Oakland Art Gallery! Tickets will be sold on a sliding scale donation of $40 - $100 allowing participants to enter the artwalk and win a piece of art. Special limited edition prints by artist Rachelle Cohen will also be available to win during the artwalk.

If you do not want to participate in the artwalk activities, but would like to come enjoy the event, the entry is FREE.

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