Thursday, September 18, 2008

to blog or not to blog

so, i've been debating for a while whether i'd write a blog. i sort of started on a super trial basis (see below posts from june), and then stopped, and now after a few months, i'm starting again. i guess in a lot of ways it seems like a good way to keep people abreast of life, especially as we progress with choices about little m's hearing loss. at the same time, i suppose i'll post about the rest of life too: figuring out what it means to be an artist and a mom, ranting about my latest irk, discussing my favorite new art show or podcast or habit of little m's, waxing philosophical about food. who knows. i think it will evolve, and maybe become a habit or disappear. that remains to be seen. 

for now, i'll post a couple of updates about where we are with m's hearing. and where we have been. and where we are going. 

a lot of times i talk about how life feels good but hard, or maybe if things happen to be on the tougher side, hard but good; it seemed appropriate for so many things in my life right now: living in the flatlands of oakland; being a mom; having a deaf daughter; having/seeking/working through my spirituality; being married to someone i adore, but who challenges me on pretty much every topic; making art; trying to have new and old friendships, and so on...some days i feel weary. and other days i am so thankful for exactly where i stand. here's a little of where i am at.


  1. I'm glad you're blogging. Thank you for going there. I love it and am fed by it!

  2. ditto ditto ditto... i like to hear u blog. its like hearing u talk. in longer sentances than fb status affords.


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