Sunday, September 28, 2008

watch this

our friend justin has been working on the movie call + response for a while and it is finally coming out in theaters! it is about the horrific reality that 27 million slaves are at this very moment working for another human being. please consider getting tickets and going to see this the first weekend it is out- so that it will be in theaters for more than two days and that people will have the opportunity to engage this issue. the movie is chock full of amazing stuff- we saw a rough cut a few months back, and even then, before editing and adding in more stuff it was pretty incredible.

so. drop ten bucks to see it. go to the website for more info and to find a theater near you; take some friends and fill up some seats...for you bay area kids, there are showings on both sides of the bay. so no excuses! 

ahh! the video is being silly and won't upload. check out the trailer at

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