Tuesday, September 30, 2008

naptime evolution

m has been a little houdini since birth. none of the readymade velcro swaddlers worked on her, because she would inevitably wriggle out in minutes. one blanket didn't work either, because she would work her little arms up her chest and loosen the blanket, while kicking her legs for momentum. smart, yes. helpful for her to achieve sleep, no. it took a tutorial from my friend shauna before we figured out how to get her in a secure swaddle- which was her happy place even if she fought it tooth and nail.

we used to have to wrap her in double blankets tight as can be, until she looked like a glo worm (see above, for nostalgia's sake, all you 80's kiddos). she's evolved from the full swaddle (top pic), to the one arm swaddle (which i called the black power swaddle), to both arms out with the rest of her body swaddled. these days she still is a fan of the swaddle more or less, but part of her naptime routine is also to make her way out of the swaddle. i always find it comical to see how she ends up once she's asleep, after having fought the blanket and having rolled, twisted, scooted, flipped, and completely turned in another direction in her crib. 

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