Wednesday, March 31, 2010

angelina has nothing on us

have you seen the paparazzi pics of angelina on her venetian balcony with her kiddos,
sporting her version of bedhead?
she still looks amazing
glowing skin
fluffy hair
cute, classy pj's

we have morning snuggletime too,
but we don't have hoards of photogs
fighting for our picture below our balcony
or a lovely view of venice
or extra nannies on hand

but we are still sassy
M sees herself on the computer screen & says, "roro!"
we check out the garbage truck, recycling foragers or passing cars instead of gondoleers
not quite as sexy, perhaps, but very enthralling to an almost 2 year old
m is cuter than shiloh, knox or any of those jolie-pitts
(maybe i'm biased?)
dear angelina, look how fun we are. if you ever want a playdate,
bring your clan of kids and your saucy self on over.
(oh, but you can leave the paparazzi at home)


  1. love seeing the goodness of your sassy selves (sans paparazzi). love.

  2. you're way funnier than angelina, and that's all that matters :)

  3. Would you really wan to to hang with Angelina?? Um, BTW did you cut your hair? I would have expected a HUGE post on that one so I am guessing no.


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